Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane? Yes, Here’s Why

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane? Yes, Here’s Why

Although CBD used to be a niche product, it's now quite mainstream. People are using it for various reasons, but mainly, they're using it because it makes them feel better overall. As such, most people want to take their CBD products with them when they travel. The problem is that, until 2018, the law was a little fuzzy in terms of CBD products. As such, many people wonder before they travel, "can you take CBD oil on a plane?"

Here's what you need to know before you board that next flight with your CBD products!

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane? Domestically, Yes.

Before discussing the plane question, it's first worth mentioning that there's a difference between domestic travel and international travel regarding CBD laws.

For domestic flights, CBD is allowed on planes and can be transported across all state lines, as long as the CBD is a hemp-derived product. However, cannabis-derived CBD is still illegal at the federal level. Therefore, it is unlawful on aircraft, and, additionally, cannabis-derived CBD is also illegal in some states, so transporting it may run afoul of state law.

So, if you are looking at transporting something cannabis-derived CBD on a plane, you should probably avoid it. If you're sure that it comes from the hemp plant, it's ok to put it in your suitcase!

CBD and International Flights

Traveling with CBD outside of the US can be a bit muddier. To know if you can travel from the US and back with CBD or CBD products internationally, you first have to research your destination country.

There's no easy way to know how the border agents will treat you having CBD products with you at your destination, so it just comes down to how bad you want to bring these products. One thing to note is that many experts say to play it safe when it comes to international travel and avoid packing any cannabidiol products in your luggage or carry-on and leave them at home. Even with outlined regulations, there can be issues about splitting hairs between cannabis and hemp-based CBD products. Even if that doesn't become an issue, some countries may deem it contraband and refuse to let you keep it.

Only if you are sure about the legality of CBD in your destination country should you pack it in your suitcase.

CBD and Travelling in Your Car

If you're worried about traveling with CBD in your car, you should know that you're likely fine.

Traveling across state lines with hemp CBD is perfectly legal, and if you have any worries about the smell or look of it, keep it wrapped and tied in a bag and have it in your backseat or trunk. As for crossing any international borders, once again, it pays to do some research. It may be best to leave it at home. We love our tinctures and salves, but they may not be worth the potential hassle or confiscation.

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane? If You're Staying within the US, Yes!

Traveling with CBD in your car is easy, but can you take CBD oil on a plane? The most straightforward answer is this: domestically, yes, you can as long as it's hemp-based. Internationally, you do it at your own risk.

If you're looking for some of the highest-quality hemp-based CBD products, check out our lineup at SHRUBBS. You can pack these on your next domestic flight!

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