Is Nano CBD Better? Here’s What the Research Says

Is Nano CBD Better? Here’s What the Research Says

The science behind cannabidiol is an ever-evolving field. There are countless studies, innovations, and ideas aiming to help people feel the most benefit possible from CBD. One of those ideas is to use nanotechnology, or "the study and application of extremely small things," to improve users' CBD experience. The question, of course, for users is: is nano CBD better? Or, is it a lot of marketing jargon that doesn't deliver on its promises? Here's what you need to know about one of the newest development areas in the CBD world.

What Is Nano CBD?

Nano CBD claims to use nanotechnology to enhance the effectiveness and potency of CBD.

CBD has low bioavailability by default. Indeed, estimates show that CBD has a bioavailability of between 6-19%. As a quick example, if you ingest 10 ml of CBD, that means only 0.6 ml to 2 ml makes it to your bloodstream. Most of the CBD that enters your body leaves it without ever affecting you in any way!

The primary issue is that CBD is essentially an oil, and your digestive system is mostly water. As you probably know from elementary school, oil and water don't mix very well, which is why the CBD you take is so hard to absorb.

Nano CBD is a modification that makes the cannabidiol we all know and love more water-soluble. This type of CBD also includes small particles, like liposomes or lipid nanoparticles, that help CBD absorb into our blood faster.

Is Nano CBD Better?

In theory, this sounds like a good idea. Most people are shocked to read that our bodies only absorb about 10% of the ingested CBD on average. Increasing that percentage seems like a good idea!

However, when looking at the "is nano CBD better" question, the answer is not entirely obvious. Indeed, there are two primary problems with this technology.

The first is that hemp and CBD on their own are entirely natural substances. When you take CBD oil, you're taking CBD as nature intended it. When you add nanotechnology to it, you're adding plenty of chemicals that may or may not have a desirable effect. It's no longer an all-natural substance but rather an engineered one. That doesn't make it wrong - indeed, most cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are "engineered" - but it does mean the substance you're taking is no longer organic.

Secondly, even though there is active research into this topic, most nanotechnology is unproven and unstudied with CBD. Many companies make things up and put them out there, even though these products may not be better at all than traditional CBD. In other words, it's the buzzword of the year, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is verifiably better!

Nano CBD Is Not Necessarily Better

Is nano CBD better? While academic research and studies may come out in the future to conclusively say one way or another, there isn't enough evidence to say yes to that question.

Instead, we know that there are many wild claims and conjectures from others on this subject, driven by marketing minds instead of scientific ones.

Therefore, at SHRUBSS, we sell top-quality CBD products without nanotechnology and artificial ingredients. We believe in being as transparent and direct as possible with our customers. No gimmicks! That's why we have publicly posted lab results for each of our products!

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