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Hi, my name is William. My wife and I are both  co-founders of SHRUBSS.

We didn’t go looking to get into the CBD business, CBD kind of came looking for us.  

It started when I got hit with a couple of bad breaks. It was a one-two punch. First, I came down with a bad case of COVID. Then, as I was starting to recover, I fell and injured my shoulder. 

My wife —who is equal parts superhuman researcher and caregiver—went in search of something to help alleviate my pain. That’s how she began learning about the health benefits and medical properties of CBD, short for cannabidiol. 

I began using a CBD salve as part of a daily general wellness routine. I noticed that my shoulder pain subsided.

The story could have ended there. One case of CBD making one person’s life better.  But instead, we couldn’t believe more people didn’t know about CBD. We made it our mission to share its positive benefits on mind and body with anyone who would listen. (So, thanks for listening.)

We know there is a stigma attached to CBD because people mistakenly confuse it with marijuana even though ours come from pure, organic hemp. It’s no surprise people get mixed up: hemp and marijuana are members of the same plant genus, the cannabis plant. We like to think of them as cousins. But hemp—which is legal and doesn’t get you high—is the straight-arrow cousin who studied hard, kept his nose down, and went to law school. While marijuana, as you already know, is more like the troublemaker cousin your mom doesn’t want you hanging around with.  

SHRUBSS is proud to sell only premium CBD products. We offer it in different strengths so our customers can find the perfect dosage to fit their needs. 

Thanks so much for visiting our site and reading our story. 



New York


Our Promise

We're on a mission to improve people's health with the power of super plants.

We promise to stay committed to our core mission, to help make humans and our shared environment healthier.

We’re so excited to welcome you!

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